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Who We Are

Truth in Supplements provides articles and content about health, nutrition, wellness, and the business of supplements. Our priority is to provide a perspective unique to the supplements market. Our contributors are editors, journalists, and health experts dedicated to delivering accurate, authoritative, up-to-date information for consumers. Our informed and engaged audience values our unbiased voice and timely coverage of subjects that bring important health concerns into focus.

What We Do

We cover the supplements market, dissect important health topics, share product reviews, and provide insightful information that separates the research from the hype. Major products we highlight include antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, herbs and botanicals, nutraceutical foods and beverages, and probiotics. Additionally, some of the health topics we focus on are cognition and memory, heart health, immune support, longevity, nutrition, and fitness.

Our Reviews

Truth in Supplements’ rating system comprises extensive in-house product evaluation on Ingredient Safety, Product Formulation, Projected Effectiveness, Value, and Overall Satisfaction.

➤ Ingredient Safety
We check each and every active ingredient against an ingredient safety database to determine the proper dosage limits and ultimate safety, as well as verify that products do not contain any banned substances.

➤ Formulation
We rate the formula for stability and whether it contains any patented or specialized ingredients for increased efficacy. We also evaluate the product’s inactive ingredients to take into consideration the inclusion or exclusion of undesirable stabilizers and/or fillers.

➤ Effectiveness
We compare the active ingredient dosages established by independent clinical studies and medical databases with those found on the product labeling to measure the projected effectiveness of the product.

➤ Value
We take into consideration the quality of the active ingredients used and the robustness of the formulation to assess the value per serving of each product.

➤ Overall Satisfaction
The overall satisfaction rating is a combined average of Ingredient Safety, Formulation, Projected Effectiveness, and Consumer Value.